LS3 Engine Conversion

The GTS is currently being enhanced with a new drivetrain. A 430+ hp LS-3 engine is being added along with a 6 speed Boxster S transmission. Chevrolet Performance leads the industry with E-ROD crate engine systems and supporting components that enable enthusiasts to build a car that complies with the law, satisfies their desire for a cleaner hot rod and doesn’t sacrifice the performance.

All E-ROD crate engine systems -6.2L, LS-3 and LSA – are certified by California Air Resources Board (CARB) and carry Executive Order numbers. This enables enthusiasts to install the engine kit in 1995- and-earlier cars and trucks that predate OBD II on-board emissions diagnostics. According to Chevrolet Performance.

Starting with the ’08 Corvette, the world was first introduced to GM’s latest small block V8 creation the 6.2-liter LS3. The LS3 kicks out 430 horsepower and 424 lb.-ft. of torque.  It’s a brute of a small block with 376 ready cubes at your beckon call.

The LS swap is being completed by Josh at Specialties Auto.  Adapter plates and engine mount brackets by Renegade Hybrids .

The LS3 is the power behind the Chevy Corvette and Camaro SS. It’s rated at 430 hp in this new Crate Powertrain kit, offering the lightweight advantage of an aluminum cylinder block, aluminum heads and a composite intake manifold over cast iron engines in early cars.  This engine is the perfered motor for all new hotrod projects,  More info is in the video below,

Here is a video of firing the new engine for the first time